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Event horizon

What the Post Office scandal teaches us about story

The PO depicted as a corporate giant looming on the horizon  
The PO has been depicted as a heartless corporate giant
Why is the UK public finally demanding justice from the Post Office?

Shortform vs longform

The difference between long and short form film making

Martin Scorsese on the difference between making a 60-second and 3-hour film
Scorsese on making a 60-second film

Director Martin Scorsese talks about the difference between making a 3-hour and a 60-second film with actor Timothée Chalamet.

Hot water

Yorkshire Water has been ridiculed for it's use of stock footage

A man in a left-hand drive car in a Yorkshire Water ad
Apparently they drive on the right in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Water has been ridiculed for posting a local ad comprised of royalty-free video.

Newsworthy animation

Sound Motive animation in the news again

OSS Wrapped Rib Animation by on BBC News

Another Sound-Motive animation for Oxford Space Systems features in the news.