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Opsydia Demo Film

Opsydia demo film: opening and closing extracts (middle section is confidential)

Opsydia, an award-winning engineering company in Oxford, commissioned us to produce a demo film that shows how fast and easy it is to operate their D5000 Diamond Marking machine. The film needed to demonstrate the superior qualities and scale of the machine to remote prospects while showing how straightforward it is to use for non-technical operators


We studied Opsydia’s user manual to identify the key steps of the process that needed to be recorded.  Then generated a shot list to ensure that we gathered all the footage needed for the edit.

The production aesthetic was designed with a luxurious ’infinite black’ look inspired by Opsydia’s branding. The costume, set and lighting was styled to focus attention on the machine while conveying a sense of performance and precision. 

In post-production, we assembled the structure of the edit according to the correct procedure before adding captions to summarise the stage of operation and user options available.

Grading and visual effects were used to enhance the footage with retouching where required.  An uplifting and alluring music soundtrack was composed to underscore what was being shown on screen.

The video was carefully timed so that, instead of a voiceover, the client is able to speak over the content, prompted by the captions. These graphics were created to complement the cutting edge laser technology and follow the Opsydia style guide.

Because the D5000 is a premium product, we added beauty shots that imbued a sense of anticipation to elevate this film above a standard demonstration video.


The demo film is used as part of the sales process, during virtual sessions, when meeting in person is not viable. This saves both parties time and money while reducing their carbon footprint. 

The video and photos we took of the machine were also used on a virtual exhibition stand as part of the JCK 2020 jewellery event.

Our client wrote:

"Sound-Motive dedicated the time to understand our vision, using their expertise to turn our requirements into a detailed production plan. They were efficient and organised and able to work flexibly around our challenging schedule. The resulting video has a premium, luxury feel and will be used to demonstrate the system to potential customers who aren't able to physically visit, which is especially important under current circumstances."

Brand Manager, Opsydia

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