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Sound-Motive were commissioned by Medical Technology company GlySure™ to produce a short instructional film that explains the procedure for using their Continuous Glucose Monitoring System to a qualified audience. The GlySure™ System is the world’s first and only intravascular sensor that continuously monitors glucose levels for critical care patients.


The main differences between this and the marketing video we produced were the longer length and choice to use live-action filming instead of 3D animation. This was efficient and appropriate because we were able to film the actual external application as demonstrated by an experienced demonstrator in real-time who also acted as the narrator.  We still collaborated on the script and provided a storyboard. Titles chaptered the sections and motion graphics highlighted key learning points. Actual video output from the device was edited in and superimposed to improve any display screens that were unsuitable after the filming. We set the film to original music by one of our talented composers.


The film has been used for introducing the product to qualified end-users

“Based on the brief, Andy and his team produced a clear project plan that complied with our doc control system and were successful in delivering a high-quality animation and training video for GlySure" 


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