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Sequestim Pitch Film


We were commissioned by Sequestim to produce a pitch film that showcased their walk-through passenger screening technology to stakeholders in security and aviation at a demonstration event. They needed to demonstrate the technology working and its benefits over rivals to foster partnerships and further investment.


We collaborated with the client on scriptwriting and storyboarding. The first challenge we faced was presenting a device that was meant to be inconspicuous and also operated invisibly. We worked around this by focussing on the context instead of the technology and filmed staff at an airport performing roles as technicians, passengers and even terrorists. 

The second challenge was to ensure we complied with the restrictions of filming at airports and aviation security procedures. We filmed enactments comparing existing scenarios vs new scenarios and showed how the speed, convenience and safety of passengers could be improved without invasion of privacy. The film juxtaposed 3rd party illustrations with Sequestim's scans to position the solution commercially. To highlight key points, that may be too fleeting or abstract in real-time, we enhanced the footage with bespoke motion graphics and visual effects. As the film was primarily for an event we added captions so the key messages would be visible even if the display audio was muted.

The management team were featured in the enactments and in the narration so that stakeholders would know who they were engaging with.


Feedback from the client was that the video was shown at the stakeholder demonstration event which went very well generating a lot of attention in the press. Afterwards, they asked us to publish the video to their Youtube Channel which gained 95 subscribers in the first 2 weeks.

Sequestim has added the video to their website, used it as part of a successful recruitment campaign, at event screenings and in meeting presentations. This additional use demonstrates a good return on investment.

"The video is a very good summary of what Sequestim is all about”

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