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The video brief was to reversion the original pitch film we made as a more general film to attract investors and partners. This time it needed to go on their own website, and also be viewable on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Unlike the last one it didn't need to be under two minutes long but if it did that would be a bonus, as the online public may not be as 'captive' an audience as the original assessors.


No problem. We had anticipated this because they were a start-up, so we already knew this was likely, and that maximum return on investment was needed. By factoring this potential in from the consultancy stage, we planned it in at pre-production and shot accordingly. We could achieve the reversion without any extra filming or creating any new animation and only minor changes would be needed to the graphics.

Later, in post-production, we identified the unwanted dialogue, edited this out and adjusted the cutaway pictures accordingly. Finally, we replaced the graphics to incorporate their new contact details and branding.


Changes to the original pitch film were made in time for the client to present during partnering meetings at a biotechnology conference. The video was later picked up by PM magazine, Germanys leading popular science publication. The YouTube version has achieved over 128,000 views.

"Looks great and thanks for all your work on the video"


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