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Oxford Space Systems 3D Animation - Offset


Create a 3D product video demonstrating Oxford Space System’s (OSS) Offset antenna and highlight key messages that are relevant to the product. This is part of a series of deployment animations we have produced for OSS.


OSS’s deployable antenna products support a wide range of applications and services such as Internet of Things (IOT), Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and VHF Data Exchange Systems (VDES).

We wanted the viewers of this animation to not only visualise how the Offset antenna works but understand its key benefits. We started by researching the antenna and understanding its mechanical sequence by taking into account its unique components and materials. 

This was then animated and rendered in full colour and overlaid with special effects and text to highlight key messages specific to the Offset antenna.


The Offset antenna animation has pride of place as a ‘hero’ on its own product page on the Oxford Space Systems website and is being used by the Business Development team.

One of our customers already like it a lot :) well done. 

Oxford Space Systems

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