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Airbox Systems asked us to help their prospects visualise how their GPS Navigation software MOSAIC can be used to plan, track and command forces in pursuit of a target vehicle. The aim was to present the animations during some important in-person presentations.

The Airbox team realised it would have been impractical to have 5 vehicles each with a driver/navigator in order to generate a screengrab from a device demonstrating the software in operation. As well as the logistical cost of carrying out such activity and getting it 'right first time' there's the likely impact of having to rehearse and or 'go again' due to an incorrect action or timing. Then there's the health, safety and administrative implications of using the public highway to enact a realistic vehicle stunt. Sound Motive were briefed to recreate this action in the form of an animation instead. 


To convince the audience the animation had to include certain surveillance manoeuvres known as "parallels". These tactics were invented by the forces to keep a target in sight without giving away that they are being followed. This is achieved by periodically switching over which chase vehicle is in the lead. Originally the video was expected to be a minute long, however, this doubled as the area of the map increased to include more "changeovers". This meant the vehicles had to be slowed down as they covered longer distances. The challenge was to achieve the optimum pace to be credible while keeping the viewer engaged and permitting the tactical advisor to narrate.

This also had to be kept within the constraints of a real map. The route limits the choices as to which car could be where in order to maintain its relationship to the other 4 at the appropriate point and time. Once this was achieved we superimposed some animated titles to highlight key points.


The film was presented to various prospects and uploaded to the clients YouTube channel. We are pleased to have helped another dynamic Oxfordshire technology business - especially as they support the emergency services!

"This is looking really good"


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