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ZEGAMI Animated Explainer Video


Zegami commissioned us to explain the benefit of their visual search and analysis software platform to enterprise users. The animation needed to be conceptual, aspirational and people-focussed, instead of technical and feature driven.


With a wide range of applications for the product, defining a 'typical' Zegami user profile was a challenge. To overcome this we came up with the idea of finding a metaphor for the product.

In trials using Zegami had been described as “swimming through data”. This contrasted with the expression about how other internet users felt like they were “drowning in information”. We developed this into a ‘campaign thought’ that Zegami was like a deep-sea submersible. A tool that empowered researchers to explore and navigate a 'sea of data'.


This idea explained the product in a way that made 'search' seem exciting while capitalising on the media interest in our oceans. We designed a high-tech submersible and created an original character called “Jane” to be the driver. The CEO described the submersible idea as “brilliant.”

“I am liking Jane more and more she does grow on you :)"


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