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Sound-Motive were commissioned by Medical Technology company GlySure™ to produce a short informational film that explains the chemistry behind their Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and its benefits to a technical audience. The GlySure™ System is the world’s first and only intravascular sensor that continuously monitors glucose levels for critical care patients.


The main challenge was to present something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. As we needed to explain the chemistry and promote the product, we had to strike a balance between art and science. GlySure's informational video had to be credible and succinct. In order to achieve this, we used our in-house expertise to collaborate with the client on the message and script, which was then narrated by one of our Voice Over artists. 3D animation was used to visualise the content and titles were superimposed to highlight the key benefits. This was set to an original soundtrack by one of our talented musicians.


The film has been placed on the client's website and is used by the commercial team when presenting the product in the field.

“A high-end, professional film. The end product was a professional video that simplified a complicated message and met our expectations in every way"


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