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Live-action' video frame from the pitch film

3D computer animation still from the pitch film

3D computer animation still from the pitch film


Produce a 2-minute pitch film for an Oxfordshire nanotechnology startup as part of a funding application.


We consulted with the client to determine what their key messages were and to make sure that all criteria in the funding submission would be covered. We worked with the CEO and CTO of the company to help drill down to the core elements of their proposal and helped hone that into a concise and engaging message that could be understood in non-technical terms and without giving away crucial IP.

On location, we filmed a conversational format with two executives of the company discussing the proposition. During post-production, we interspersed their dialogue with cutaways of the existing laboratory, methods and equipment. We also added a 3D animation that demonstrated the medical concept behind the system. These visual devices added contrast and interest to the film as well as acting as visual aids to understanding the technology.


The video proved successful in getting our client through the initial selection process and they ultimately secured their funding goal.

"We got through the first round thanks to the great video"


UPDATE: The client has commissioned us to produce a website version of the video which you can watch here.

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