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Oxford Space Systems commissioned us to produce a 3D animation for an international space conference in the USA. The CEO used the animation in a presentation to introduce delegates to their latest deployable satellite technology.


Although the animation was only 40 seconds long it posed two unusual challenges. Firstly, because the project was at a pre-commercial stage we got more involved in the development, studying the motion of its earth-bound model and advising how to visualise the technology in a dynamic but physically realistic way in outer space.

Secondly, the animation was to be narrated by the CEO at the conference. Most of our videos include professional voice over and bespoke music but even in this case, we still recommended producing a script and recorded a guide voice over so the timing would be right when used ‘live’.   


After returning to the U.K the CEO informed us the trailer performed successfully and was, in his own words...

“spot on"

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