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Sound_Motive_Process-low Oxford Video Production | How We Work | Sound Motive

Professional video production has a lot of moving parts

We call our methodology "Video by Design" and it's a process that has been informed by our design training and 'real-world' business experience. Simply put, we work backwards looking at the aim and asking 'What route do we need to take to get there?' 

If someone says "We need a video for our website" we aren't afraid to ask "What do you want the video to achieve?" e.g. increase sign-ups or sell product? We understand the relationship between your objectives and ROI, so we have the courage to ask smart questions about your goals. This helps us think 'outside the box' and offer up fresh ideas.

Because we are focussed on solutions - not technique - we won't force live-action video on you if you need animation, or insist on 3D if you only need 2D. Working with Sound-Motive you will be consulted, advised, presented with previews and opportunities to review. You will know what to expect in advance and be kept informed throughout.  This leaves you to focus on your business instead of worrying about cameras, composition and codecs.

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