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Geocento - Pitch film


Geocento is an online provider of satellite images, with a massive library of imagery from a wide range of suppliers. They approached us to bring their proposition to life visually with a video to use in 5-minute pitches to investors.


We met with Geocento to define the key benefits of their service and write a video brief. The discussions revealed their unique market offer; granting enterprise users independent access to more satellite, airborne and aerial imagery, from more suppliers, than anyone else.

Our research found that Geocento’s platform had nearly 60 million images, with 20 thousand being added every day. The potential of this ‘unlimited’ data would appeal to their target audience. Asset and infrastructure managers often work remotely and have grown accustomed to information that is out-dated and limited in scope. Countering this problem we collaborated on a script describing how more comprehensive monitoring and intelligence is needed to protect investments in an increasingly unpredictable world. 

Our idea was to liken the managers’ current approach to a ‘casino’ where they effectively ‘gamble’ blindly with their own assets. Using conventional suppliers (with limited access to restricted sources) managers don’t have enough visual data to stay aware of developing environmental, social and economic pressures.

We would contrast this by showing them how they could be better informed using Geocento’s more holistic approach. This was reflected in new messaging which included updating their slogan from ‘earth imaging’ to ‘intelligent earth imaging’. This implies a smart system, used by smart customers for smart surveillance.

To square “intelligence” with “gambling” and add an element of excitement we considered ‘spy’ thrillers - like Bourne and Bond films. We referenced the title sequence to Casino Royale because it combined these topics and provided a visual technique that would allow us to resolve the concept with the various types of earth observation footage used. The primary colours of casinos were also consistent with Geocento’s logo.

Storyboard for Pitch FilmStoryboard frames for Geocento Pitch Film

We storyboarded so the team knew what to expect before we started the animation. Graphics and titles were added to highlight key points and a broadcast voice-over artist narrated the script for a tone of authority. This was mixed with an original musical score and sound effects that reflected the mood, which changes from tense to upbeat as the character’s problem is resolved in the film.



During the process of making a video with us, Geocento were able to sharpen their offering and messaging to address the needs of the end-users who they could benefit most. In doing so they are able to focus effort on sales and marketing directly to customers and still appeal to investors. As a consequence, they published the video to Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter and we added captions for greater reach in open offices and on mobiles. The video is also sent to prospects and partners by email.

“Sound-Motive went beyond producing a stylish animation, working with them helped clarify our offering, focus our positioning and sharpen our messaging. The result is a video that powerfully depicts Geocento’s value to customers, investors and candidates in just 60 seconds” 

CEO - Geocento

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