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We were commissioned by J&P Building Systems to produce a follow-up to our first video for them. The animation was to be in the same 3D architectural style, but this time the focus was on one of their three parent brands ‘Pfeifer’. We would also feature one of their lifting products for concrete and steel construction. Specifically, we needed to show UK developers how Pfeifer premium products actually represent better overall value than cheaper alternatives.


After consultation with the client we perceived that when Pfeifer products were partnered with J&P Building Systems, the offering was an ‘integrated solution’. So we created a new character called ‘John’ an experienced developer who represents a discerning customer. John is aware of both his commercial and regulatory responsibilities, so he is diligently seeking an expert supplier of accredited products. Then he meets “JP” (the concrete and steel robot character from our first video). Using their Threaded Anchor System as an example, “JP” shows the quality and versatility of Pfeifer's products. He demonstrates how this benefits all stakeholders when combined with support from J&P’s qualified engineers.

​To ensure a smooth process we collaborated with the client on the brief, script, and storyboard before we began the illustrations, animation and voice-over. Once the footage was generated this was mixed to an original soundtrack by our music composer.


The animation was uploaded to the client’s YouTube channel and embedded on their website as part of a campaign to raise their profile within the UK. After it was signed off the client told us they liked this video even more than the first!

“BRILLIANT! I love it. Well done all


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