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Referred to us by a regular customer, Reltime asked us to communicate the key benefits of their social intranet platform with a promotional video aimed at European enterprises.


After initial discovery and research, we dismissed the option of using screen-grabs in favour of using an animated explainer video. We decided on this route to present the key benefits of Reltime's learning solution in a more dynamic and engaging way. We chose an infographic style to do this to be consistent with the clients' branding and look familiar to their prospects in the IT sector. Also by using very simple and iconic pictogram graphics we could avoid the use of text and reach across a broader geography. This meant it was more likely to appeal to a larger segment of the European target audience, whose first language may not be English.


Reltime described the work as excellent and the final animation as very professional. As well as having it on their homepage to increase signups, they used it to raise investment and at the start of meetings to present their product in under 2 minutes.

"great, professional and informative."


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