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Produce a 1-2 minute online video promoting an Oxford web design business, by communicating their ethos and expertise.


It was important to feature the company's founder to present the human face of the business but we knew that a straight 'talking head' would not engage most viewers for long enough. We also wanted to illustrate some of the business activities with filmed examples to support the message. After agreeing on an outline script that would cover the clients' key points, we created a storyboard to show how the dialogue would integrate with the visual footage. Once on location in Oxford, we recorded the interview and shot the cutaways that would demonstrate the subject matter. We then edited the footage together with music and the bespoke motion graphics which we created to match the visual branding of the AttractMore website.


The result is a concise, yet warm video that conveys a clear overview of the rational reasons for engaging this experienced consultancy while giving a sense of the emotional aspects such as the business culture. The video was uploaded to the client's Youtube channel and embedded on the AttractMore homepage.

"An excellent video which I am proud to have on my website. I’m very pleased with the result"

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