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Produce an online promotional video as part of a campaign to raise J&P Building Systems’ profile in the UK, as leaders within the concrete and steel construction systems sector. The video also needed to show that J&P are not just distributors but also manufacturers and delivery partners for the Jordahl, Pfeifer and H-bau brands.


We started the project by finding out about the status quo and what the client wanted to achieve. They already had an idea of a robot as a device that was brought to life by his parent brands. Building on this theme we proposed the 'robot' be made of concrete and steel and exist in a paper 'cut-out' world. The reason was to reflect J&Ps raw materials and that while construction is very three dimensional, the architecture begins on the page. Out of this creative collaboration, "JP" was born. A 'cute but credible' 3D animated character that demonstrates the services of J&P in a distinctive, shareable format. Moving forward we designed the character, wrote a script, planned a storyboard, illustrated the scene, animated the character, recorded a voice over and edited the footage to an original soundtrack composed exclusively for the film.


Following the presentation of the final version the clients feedback was that they were "really happy" and the film was "great" so the video was uploaded to their Youtube channel and embedded on their website. UPDATE: The client is so pleased with their film that they have commissioned us to produce another film featuring "JP". "All looks nice and polished and good to go" MANAGING DIRECTOR, J&P BUILDING SYSTEMS LTD

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