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Video Marketing

Attract and engage with video marketing
Video marketing is where film or animation is used in a digital campaign in an online environment. Examples include 'Social Video', where it is used in conjunction with social media (e.g YouTube) and 'Video SEO' where videos are optimised for Search Engine indexing. We've believed in the power of video as a medium which can inform and persuade in an engaging and cost-effective way for many years. So it was a natural progression for us to marry our production skills with digital marketing expertise and add value to our work with video marketing. We've created individual online videos and dedicated online video channels for a number of clients that help boost their marketing efforts. Even if your website isn't ready you can benefit from the video element now and integrate this with your site at a later date if you wish. Check out our consultancy service or contact us to find out more.

Some stills from our video marketing projects...

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