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Established author David Clive Price commissioned us to create a short trailer to promote his latest publication. The online trailer for ‘The Master key to Asia’ also needed to convey the client as an experienced consultant and drive traffic to visit his new website.


We were given an outline for the script which we shaped until the message contained the right balance of keywords and structure for maximum influence online. It was critical to keep the script tight because to retain attention online videos need to be concise as well as informative. We used our copywriting, business communication and digital marketing knowledge to ensure the video would mesh with the new website and broader campaign. We advised David to create a unique URL so he could measure traffic from the film using website analytics.

The video is structured on a Piece to a Camera by the client but we also filmed and added "B-Roll" with stock photos footage in post-production to support the message. These "Cut-away" shots serve to keep the viewer engaged by maintaining interest through a variety of changing shots while supporting the dialogue.

Once the edit, music, graphics and effects were approved we uploaded it to David's Youtube Channel and optimised the film for search engine indexing. We then gave him the 'embed code' for his web developer to add it to his website. This has the advantage of improving its SEO while providing branded content to keep viewers engaged with the site.


The video was delivered ahead of schedule and embedded on the clients' new website.

"I am really delighted with the final version...overall I love it!"


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