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Asia business expert David Clive Price re-commissioned us to produce a marketing film promoting his work as a consultant.​The video needed to summarise his International Business Passport programme in under 2 minutes.


We co-wrote the script with David to ensure we covered just the necessary information within the allotted time. We filmed David delivering his piece-to-camera using a teleprompter to make sure he was word-perfect every time. We also shot footage of him observing the transit of boats and planes in Greenwich to evoke a sense of international travel. After the shoot we edited the live-action camera footage over a music soundtrack, adding moving photos and animated graphics in his brand style.


The result was a 100-second mixed-media film that features the subject himself but is more than just a 'talking-head'. When David was totally satisfied with the final version we uploaded it to his YouTube Channel so it could be embedded on his website for lead generation.

"This looks great to me and I'm perfectly satisfied. Yet another excellent job from Sound Motive within budget and on schedule!"


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