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Produce a short overview of the AstroTube™ boom systems from Oxford Space Systems (OSS) to quickly convey the uniqueness of the technology and to assist in raising additional venture capital investment. The video should be visually dynamic and technically credible but not overly complex such that the concepts can be readily and quickly understood by a general audience.


In our initial discussions with OSS, we soon realised they wanted a film that reflected their dynamic brand, not just their engineering work. Their innovative approach and rocketing growth have won them multiple awards, so the CEO commissioned us to create slick, professional content for his presentations that would stand out with some 'edge'.  
Once the technical aspects had been confirmed we got underway with a 3D animation. We also filmed prototypes, staff and industry leaders on location. Once this had been edited together we added titles to reinforce key messages and composited this with bespoke motion graphics. It was then set to a bespoke soundtrack created by one of our talented composers.


The film has been used by the CEO in numerous international presentations and has been instrumental in raising the company’s profile and securing investment.

“A great film that’s received lots of positive feedback. It’s played an instrumental part in securing our second round investment and raising our profile internationally”.


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