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Returning client, Sequestim commissioned us to produce another video based on their astrophysics camera. The new film needed to demonstrate the benefits of the system to immigration control when applied to truck scanning at borders. This exciting space technology can screen vehicles up to 30 times faster than current checkpoint systems and can even detect people hiding within moving vehicles.


As we were already familiar with the scanning equipment from their airport video, we just needed to understand how the technology was being adapted for an automotive application.

We collaborated with Sequestim on scriptwriting and storyboarding to ensure we recorded what was needed within the window of opportunity. The tech was being developed and demonstrated at Cardiff University, so we needed to work around the availability of the scientists and managers on site. 

While this presented some logistical challenges it gave us the opportunity to feature members of the team speaking about the benefits and the science behind it. This would be of interest to stakeholders evaluating the viability of the company and its product. To be original and efficient we shot reenactments comparing the limitations of existing checkpoint systems with the potential offered by Sequestim’s technology. 

This included filming a truck moving at speed whilst their camera simultaneously captured live images. We synchronised the actual scanner output to our camera footage in the edit. This credibly revealed the actual person hidden inside, with the clarity of the image inherently obvious. We knew that the target audience would be very suspicious of anything that felt overtly like an advertisement, so the treatment was more documentary in style. To give it a tone of authority we used a broadcast presenter to narrate the video.


The video was embedded on Sequestim’s website and used by journalists in support of articles about Sequestim. Within a week of launch, the video received almost 3000 views on Youtube - in addition to the national press coverage in The Sun, The Mirror, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. 

"[we] keep referring people to the videos!”


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