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Space Animation & Video Production

Need to raise the profile of your space company?

Sound Motive have 'flight heritage' elevating space firms and are trusted by...

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Visual media for business development, marketing and growth

We render graphics, animation, illustration, shoot live-action video and produce films to raise profile, investment, attract customers and talent.

10 years meeting the challenges of space content 

Space firms face extra difficulty in their communications. Not everyone understands the physical constraints and is comfortable with novel technology. With a decade of
experience in the space sector our customers know they can rely on us to comprehend and convey the potential of their product. See some of our space videos below...

3D space renders (lunar landing)
3D animated explainer (space debris control)
Live-action video with motion graphics (rocket propulsion)
Animated explainer video (satellite image platform)
3D hero animation (cubesat thruster)
3D space animation (deployable antenna)
3D satellite concept animation (SAR)
Live-action video with space animation (deployable antenna)
2D and 3D space animated explainer (IoT)
Live-action video with 3D space animation (deployable boom)
  • Oxford Space Systems testimonial

    "played a key role in raising over £20m"

    Founder, Oxford Space Systems

  • Lacuna Space Testimonial

    "your hard work deservedly drew compliments"

    CEO, Lacuna Space

  • Open Cosmos testimonial

    "very satisfied with your work with us"

    VP Market Development, Open Cosmos

  • Steamjet Space Systems testimonial

    "the great video...will help to wow the audience!”

     CEO, Steamjet Space Systems

  • Lunar Cargo testimonial

    "That video is my indispensable tool"

    Founder, Lunar Cargo

  • Protolaunch testimonial

    "The script is fantastic! We love it”

    CEO, Protolaunch

  • Geocento testimonial

    "a video that powerfully depicts Geocento's value"

    CEO, Geocento

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