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MiMo Software Animation


Consulting firm Coriolis updated their OEE software and wanted to use video to communicate the benefits to busy managers who needed to improve their factory's performance.

After a referral by another client, Coriolis approached us to produce an animation for them. The aim of the video was to communicate the benefits of their software in improving productivity and motivating viewers to request an online demonstration. This would also reduce the costs associated with visits to prospects.

The client wanted a video that triggered a rational response that their target audience could resonate with. It needed to address possible negative experiences with inferior consultants/software that they might have had in the past. To counter this it needed to be emotionally aspirational, lively and humorous.


Knowing that the target market was time-poor, we had to gain viewers interest quickly and convince them that “MiMo” was a flexible solution that could be implemented quickly without significant disruption or investment. Once we understood the background and criteria, we believed the perceived value was that our client had developed this software initially for their own use. 
This added credibility and became a serious selling point in an otherwise fun and entertaining animation. Working with the client, we designed an original character with who the ideal customer could identify with. In spite of being overworked, “Tony” aspires to achieve operational excellence. By the power of “MiMo”, he assassinates inefficiency and becomes a hero.​


The video has been uploaded to their website and will be used for demonstration requests and during sales conversations

“Thanks, it looks awesome"


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