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Pitch Films and Fundraising Videos

Behind the scenes a founder delivers a 'piece to camera' while Sound Motive records his pitch for Active Needle Technology

What is a pitch film?

A pitch film is a short video to promote a creative project or business idea to investors and partners. Examples where a pitch film might be used are an advertising agency presenting a campaign concept to a client or inventors pitching a venture to investors. Since the rise of digital and online video hosting, crowdfunding platforms support and even encourage the use of fundraising videos:

"projects that have compelling videos tend to succeed at a much higher rate" Kickstarter

Can anyone make a pitch film? 
Technically anyone with an internet enabled smartphone can make a video using the built-in camera and editing software. But just because you 'can' doesn't mean you 'should'...

Should I make my own pitch film? 
That depends on factors including your available time, budget, experience and how much investment you are asking for. If you haven't produced a video before chances are you will underestimate how much is involved. The learning curve and time required to make a succesful fundraising film may distract you from your core activities. 

How long does it take to make a pitch film?
It's possible for an experienced producer to do a decent job in a week or so but you should allow much more time. The longer you have to make a film the better. With less time you may have to sacrifice quality or increase budget to compensate. Chances are you will have to work within constraints such as a submission deadline or budget period. If so find out when that is, work back from that and adjust accordingly.

Should I hire someone to make a pitch film for me? 
If you are short of time or experience and can afford it chances are you will be more succesful if you get external support.

BTS: Demonstration for a 'B-roll' shot which Sound Motive shoots for use in a pitch film for ANT

What to consider when scoping a pitch film?
Crafting a concise pitch is an art and a science but capturing this on film is another discipline altogether. Be clear on the work you have to do on your own writing, researching and rehearsing your proposition. Don't expect the filmmaker to write your business plan for you! 

What is included in a pitch film?
Naturally a pitch film should contain your offer. In terms of delivery this could be as simple as the founder doing a spoken piece to camera or 'talking head'. This could be upgraded with live-action footage like a demo of a prototype. The video can be enhanced with graphics, illustration, animation, music and sound effectsfor greater impact.

How much does it cost to make a pitch film?
This depends on whether you go the DIY or external supplier route. With the latter the general rule in video production is you get what you pay for. Typically the more you spend the better the quality of service, outputs, speed of delivery and results. Of course you don't not want to appear frivolous. Conversely you may not be taken seriously if what you hope to gain is disproportionate to your own input. Your own investment is an indication of your commitment. Remember you don't get a second chance to make a first impression!

What else should I consider when making a pitch film?
In the UK there are laws on raising investment which can affect video content. There may also be sector specific regulations to consider.

What should I look for in a pitch film maker?
The obvious critieria is a producer with the tools, talent and experience. Ideally not just in video making but in fundraising too. You want someone who will be careful with your property and kind to your people. Sound Motive have been making pitch films for many years for clients ranging from startups to multinationals. We have a proven track record in pitch films that are  successful in raising funds and awareness. Our specialism is novel technology with a focus on the aerospace, energy and health sectors. We often work with engineers and scientists who need help articulating and visualising their innovation.

"[The film] played an instrumental part in securing our second round investment” OSS
Behind the scenes with Sound Motive shooting a pitch film for Oxford Space Systems

Examples of our succesful pitch films...

Space Startup Pitch film (3D)
Medtech Startup Pitch film (3D)
Medtech Startup Pitch film (2D)

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