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Protolaunch is a space business developing novel chemical propulsion technology to enable dedicated launch for small payloads. Recently they conducted a hot-fire test campaign and asked us to produce a promo video to increase brand awareness and raise company credibility.


We worked with the team on the brief and messaging, wrote an outline script and produced a storyboard.

“The script is fantastic! We love it” CEO, Protolaunch

We branded the film throughout by featuring the Protolaunch logo, graphically and in-camera and demonstrated their hardware and expertise through moving images and succinct messaging. 

“very professional shoot” CEO, Protolaunch

We then edited this together with footage of the test fires and produced motion graphics that reinforced key points.


On completion the video was promoted through social media where the CEO announced: 

"this new video that explains the company's mission as we seek to expand strategic partnerships within the launch sector."

CEO, Protolaunch

UPDATE: Afterwards Protolaunch told us there had been a spike in visits to their website and the video had made it...

“much easier to engage with people” 

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