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AstroMagnetics Animated Explainer

AstroMagnetics Animated Explainer Video

AstroMagnetic Systems approached Sound Motive to produce an explainer video to show the potential of their technology to prospective customers and investors interested in space technology. The AMS team are developing a High Temperature Superconductor magnet system to stabilise the rotation of uncontrolled satellites and enable their safe capture and de-orbit. This ‘Field Projector’ is engineered for more affordable and less risky space applications such as Active Debris Removal and In-orbit servicing.

Pitching this novel concept - which involves sophisticated and invisible physics - quickly, was proving a challenge. Our task was to help prospects quickly grasp AMS's differentiator; bringing space assets under control - for retrieval or servicing - without contact.


We co-created with AMS to bring their solution to life by researching this early-stage technology and considering the best way to show a product which didn't exist yet. To show the required action, angles and relationships we settled on the format of an animated explainer video created with 3D CGI (three dimensional computer generated imagery). Working from photos, diagrams and sketches with input from the team we defined and visualised the operation of their system. Iterations were layered upon until consensus was reached on a style and sequence that achieved the optimum balance of simplicity and credibility.

For authenticity the Voice Over was narrated by the CEO who is an experienced Science Communicator. Support was provided with messaging, scriptwriting and coaching to deliver the script within the audience's level of understanding and attention. A series of still images was also supplied to provide more detail on the technology and its applications.


The images are being used in support of proposals. Speaking about the animation the CEO said:

The video really helped our client understand the complex nature of our technology"

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