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Lacuna Space Animated Explainer


Lacuna Space approached us to produce an animated explainer video to explain their tech. This was primarily to be shown at The Things Conference.

The animation needed to clearly explain how Lacuna is linking two existing technologies - Low Power Wide Area Networks and satellite communications to improve global connectivity. The video needed to communicate the tech in enough detail to an audience that was familiar with the Internet of Things but might need the space technology explained.


We clarified our understanding of the brief and worked up some visuals of how we could convey the messages. The clients written draft was converted into a spoken-word script that was suitable for the audience and their likely attention span. This was storyboarded into scenes that would be created in 2D animation to explain the current technology and 3D animation for Lacuna's novel developments.

To increase understanding of the visual imagery we commissioned a professional voiceover artist to narrate the script. Key points were also reinforced through captions and graphics so they could still be understood with the sound turned off. 

We used colours from the Lacuna brand palette to ensure this piece of communication was on-brand.


The animation was shown on Lacuna’s exhibitor stand at The Things Conference and during the Co-Founder’s keynote speech. The host even remarked that he 'liked the animation a lot' and asked if it would be available online.

It has subsequently been used in several webinars and online presentations throughout the year demonstrating excellent ROI.

Lacuna Space The Things Conference

Our client said:

"Great job Sound Motive. Nice that your hard work deservedly drew compliments in a conference that has been packed with high quality presentations"

Co-Founder, Lacuna Space

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