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We were commissioned by Phastar, a statistical consultancy for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, to produce a short modern promotional video that outlined the company ethos to prospective clients and candidates. The purpose was for it to be ready in time for Phastar's debut in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100.


Promotional Video for Phastar Statistical ConsultancyDuring our research with Phastar, we discovered they had a unique approach to their consultancy work including the way they treat their clients and staff. We devised a narrative to explain this and used motion graphics to reinforce the message and make the video more engaging.

We conducted interviews with staff and filmed them in their offices. In spite of a very short time frame, we even managed to have some fun while doing some set pieces for the B-roll such as the time-lapse shot. The interview and cut-away shots were edited together and we composited this with text and created bespoke motion graphics. This was set to an original soundtrack by one of our talented composers.


The film was delivered and given pride of place on the client's homepage in good time for the press release.

“I have to say, I'm impressed. It's looking really good"


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