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Produce a video to explain a sophisticated philanthropy project to potential high-net-worth donors using stop motion techniques.


The process started by working with our client to understand the audience they were trying to engage and what their drivers were. We knew that live-action video wasn't feasible so we considered the options. These were animation or scribing videos (where the illustrations are filmed being hand-drawn and then speeded up to look like animation).

The client chose the latter and we began working with them on a script. Scribing videos are very common but innovation and vibrancy were key to this Indian project so we thought about how we could add some 'spice' to engage the viewers.

The style of the video was illustration so we researched modern stationery that could be used to make it appear contemporary to appeal to wealthy prospects interested in strategic ventures. Inspired by the bright colours of India we used highlighters to make it look both novel and vibrant. Another 'innovation' was to use 'stop motion' techniques to animate the colouring and appearance of the 'index arrows'. These techniques were used to reflect the values of the programme and maintain the viewer's interest.


The video was made available to selected candidates via an invitation to a private site.

"really excellent...thanks for going above and beyond".


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