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SteamJet Space Systems


SteamJet Space Systems are engineering a sustainable propulsion system for a new age of steam in space. They approached us to support their fund-raising efforts with a short 3D animation that would make them look more attractive and credible to investors.


The animation would be used as part of the CEO's elevator pitch so we opted to keep it mute and limit the duration to under 15 seconds. 

We worked with him to ensure that we understood and could convey the key messages during this time while achieving the optimum balance of technical accuracy and aesthetic considerations.

To increase its flexibility we made the animation loop, so there is extra time to narrate during presentations. This meant it could also be repeated seamlessly on SteamJet’s website and social media channels for added value. 


The animation is used in SteamJet's slide deck as part of pitches to investors. 

It also replaces their website's generic stock ‘hero' video, showing their own technology instead and highlighting its main points to their visitors.  

“I am sure the great video you realised for us will help to wow the audience!” CEO, SteamjetSpace Systems

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