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Lucy Electric Animated Explainer


Award-winning, engineering company Lucy Electric had several virtual conferences coming up and approached us to produce an animated explainer video that was “eye-catching and not dull” and provided an overview of the system, as opposed to a technical product demo.


The aim of the video was to give a high-level overview of Lucy’s product portfolio, as well as demonstrating how they are enabling decarbonisation in the grid.

Because the message was intended to be ‘birds-eye view’ we decided on an isometric style that zoomed into different elements of the grid alongside their products.

We produced a script that was suitable for the audience and came up with the tagline “switched on solutions for a sustainable future” used at the end of the video.

We then storyboarded each scene before creating an animatic showing the timing of each frame of the video and how the narrative elements relate to each other. Next, we produced the 3D animation.  

To increase understanding of the visual imagery we commissioned a professional voiceover artist to narrate the script and a composer to produce a bespoke soundtrack with sound effects. 


“It’s clean, crisp, to the point with a great tagline that is representative of today’s market place

Lucy Group

UPDATE: Lucy Electric were so pleased with their animation they featured it on their stand at MEE

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