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Interviews and video testimonials

Interviews are often the basis for documentary videos, so knowing what questions to ask - and how to ask them - is really important. The role of the producer is to decide the most appropriate format or style that is used to compose the subject. For example these 'talking heads' can present directly to the camera or converse with an interviewer (who may - or may not - be visible).  

Video testimonials are usually short interviews or 'pieces to camera'. These 'Vox pops' or 'soundbites' from customers are a great way to promote products or services with impact and authenticity. They are more engaging than written testimonials because they bring the statement to life. They are more convincing too, because you can hear and see the person behind the words.  

With our directing and coaching skills we can elicit genuine, positive testimonials in a natural and sensitive manner. Whether it's a series of 10 second soundbites or 20 minute interviews we have filmed subjects ranging from school children to 'C' suite executives. Whether it's an inner-city street or a busy conference we can ensure a natural process with professional results.  

If your website isn't live we can start capturing the footage so it's ready in advance. Even if you don't plan to have a website we can still deliver content through online video platforms using our video marketing services. 

Watch examples of testimonials, interviews and pieces to camera in our videos below...

Promo with piece to camera
Online promo video with testimonials
Piece to camera video for landing page

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