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Sound-Motive were commissioned to create a pitch film to augment presentations to prospective partners for Liftmate a novel patient handling device that helps carers transfer clients in hospitals and care homes.


The client's original desire was to present an animation that would make this new device more visually appealing to potential investors than footage of their working prototype. In our discussions, we realised this was part of the solution and saw an opportunity to impress the client's credibility by providing some context. This included background information about the market, how the new device met the need, was superior to current offerings, the development work committed by the client as well as proving the concept. On approval we undertook demonstrations of the prototype, existing products, interviewing specialists and filming their reactions to our animated visuals of the final product. We were successful in recording positive reactions from the end-users as well as useful research for the client.


The M.D. wrote and told us our film achieved the primary objective of introducing his product and helped improve their corporate image.

"Thank you for all your efforts on this project: it’s a very satisfactory end product."


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