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Ebbon Intelligence Explainer

A clip from the Ebbon Intelligence animation showing their software on a computer screen

Currently the scanning and assessing of retail vehicles is problematic. Manual checking and recording is labour intensive and the results are inconsistent in form and quality. To address this, Ebbon Intelligence, a software development company is developing an Artificial Intelligence product that will automatically scan and document vehicles, before and after use for damage assessment and asset management. 

Ebbon commissioned Sound-Motive to produce a  film that could be used to quickly explain the concept and attract potential pilot customers in private meetings. Despite the novel technology the visuals needed to feel familiar but be flexible enough to appeal to a range of automotive dealers.


As the product is still being developed, Sound-Motive couldn’t simply film it. We needed to find another method to show the concept before the product even exists. The approach needed to be creative, but credible. We consulted with Ebbon to understand who they were targeting and gleaned that the audience was technically aware and already had an appreciation of the problem, but had not seen the type of approach Ebbon was innovating. Together we identified and visualised the operation of the product - from the prospects viewpoint. From these insights we co-wrote a script that would convey this in the optimum time frame. 

A storyboard was drawn to ensure the right elements would be shown in the correct sequence. From this we developed the concept by designing how the software screens might appear. The overall style we settled on to carry the message was inspired by industrial car modelling. Design concepts are sculpted in a ‘clay’ finish before more realism is applied.

This gave us the flexibility to be brand-neutral while resonating with notions of being both conceptual and automotive.To convey ‘Artificial Intelligence’ we used picture-in-picture  and wireframe Visual Effects.Colour was used for key elements that needed more realism and also applied to the software scenes inspired by Ebbon’s branding.The techniques we used to achieve this were a mix of Motion Graphics with Illustration, 2D and 3D animation. A Voice Over was added to explain the imagery underscored by uplifting Music and Sound Effects to emphasise core features.


The film is currently being used by Ebbon in private meetings with potential pilot customers.

"We used the video again...with a customer/potential partner. Went down really well again. Good stuff".

Joint CEO, Ebbon Group

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