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In our fifth video for Asia business consultant David Clive Price, we were commissioned to produce a marketing film to act as a 'calling card' promoting his work as a keynote speaker. The video needed to provide event organisers with an overview within 2 minutes.


We wrote the script to ensure covering just the necessary information within the allotted time. This was narrated by a professional voice-over artist, recorded to add authority. We filmed David delivering a speech on business in Asia, in Oxford. We also shot footage of him visiting the city beforehand to add character and variety to the corporate clips. After the event, we gathered testimonials from the audience to provide credible evidence of the claims from third parties. We selected three of the best takes and edited these together with the general views. The camera media was mixed with bespoke music and composited with branded graphics in his house-style.


Once David had approved the final version we uploaded it to his YouTube Channel so that he could share it easily with his prospects. David's feedback about the film was: /p>

"Absolutely fabulous. It really could't be better from my point of view. I loved it and I'm sure many others will too. Brilliant work"


Watch the abridged version of David's keynote speech here.

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