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Oxford Space Systems 3D Animation - Yagi


Long-term client, Oxford Space Systems (OSS) vision is to become the global leader of deployable antennas for space. They briefed us to create a series of short 3D animations that visualise how their range of antennas deploy in space. This animation is for their Yagi antenna.


OSS antennas are compatible with a wide range of satellites so our creative response was to develop a generic spacecraft in a wire-frame style while rendering their antenna with realistic detail. This would serve to draw attention to their product while implying it could be used with a range of satellites.

Once the concept was approved we had to understand the mechanical sequence from stowed to fully deployed states for each different OSS product. This meant taking into account how the components and materials differed for each antenna.

We designed the generic spacecraft and animated each antenna deploying within its particular orbit in a space scene that showed the relationship to planet earth.

This was rendered in full colour and overlaid with special effects and text to highlight key messages which we had determined specifically for each particular product.


The Yagi animation has pride of place as a ‘hero’ on its own product page on the OSS website. It is also being used across their social media channels. More to come!

“It looks wonderful. Looking forward to having the rest of the videos”

Oxford Space Systems

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