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Active Needle Technology crowdfunding video


Oxfordshire-based MedTech company, Active Needle Technology (ANT) wanted to raise investment to take them from start-up to scale-up. As part of their campaign, they engaged us to create a fundraising film that would specifically appeal to everyday investors on Crowdcube.


Investors have a lot of options to choose from so they want to evaluate what to invest in quickly. They also typically want to know who they are backing as well as what product or technology they are investing in. Video is a good medium for them to do this because it can show the technology and the team - so long as the video is short. 

In order to generate and sustain interest when pitching to investors, Founders need to strike a balance between being credible but concise.  All without giving away too much IP in the process. 

After researching their technology and approach to market we wrote a short script that succinctly communicates the innovation in ANT’s solution and the applications for it.

To appeal to investors this was delivered as a pitch directly to the camera by the CEO.

We lit his scene for a white background to create a ‘clinical’ look on which we could clearly add demonstrations and ‘Picture-in-Picture’ effects to show what he was describing. To build credibility we interspersed live-action filming of the products being demonstrated by the Senior Technical Officer. This was contrasted with footage showing how ANT outperformed the current ‘state of the art’.

This was edited together with bespoke animation and motion graphics that we created to dynamically illustrate key concepts in a fresh and consistent style.

The final cut ran for under 2 minutes which is half the duration of many similar videos, meaning investors are more likely to click play and actually finish watching it.


ANT exceeded their target of £150k by over 250%. In addition to using the video as part of their Crowdcube campaign, they have also used it on their YouTube channel, and website and used stills from the video for publicity. They also re-engaged us to reversion it for the MedTech Innovator 2021 pitch. 

crowcube-active-needle-web Active Needle Technology | Crowdfunding video - Soundmotive

The process was very thorough and professional; identifying the key value propositions, overview of the technology and packaging all of this in a clear and easily digestible format. Our fund raise was a great success and I ascribe part of that to the value added by the promotional video, a version of which we still use on our website.

CEO, Active Needle Technology

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