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Media space for Sequestim

Our second video for Sequestim is a PR booster

Mirror Sequestim video

Great exposure for our client Sequestim who got national coverage in the British press this week. Their security scanner which uses space technology to detect stowaways in moving vehicles, was featured online in The Mirror, The Sun, The Telegraph and Daily Mail.

Some of the articles featured versions of the video we created including graphics and quotes taken from the script which we co-wrote with our client. This has been a boost for the company’s profile, evidenced by almost 3000 views within a week of the YouTube video being embedded on their website.

This shows one of the added benefits of getting quality video; free PR potential from journalists eager to augment their column inches with “rich media” like video.

Sun Sequestim video

Find out more and watch the full drive-by truck screening technology video here.