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What are motion graphics?

Motion graphics are design elements that are animated as opposed to static. They tend to differ from animation in being iconic or diagrammatic and often include typography or logos. They are used to convey information or identify a brand on screen in a more dynamic way than simple titles or slides in a presentation. They are related to infographics in style but this format usually refers to static digital posters within an online article.  Examples of motion graphics in media are the opening titles to a film like "Stranger than fiction" and TV reporting of the general election by the BBC.

Why use motion graphics in digital marketing?

Good motion graphics make complex information more visually appealing and easier to absorb. Charts, data, graphs, specifications and statistics can be quite dry but a skilled motion designer can make them sexy!  What features and benefits could you highlight about your product or service?

What is the difference between motion graphics and graphic design?

Motion designers draw on the disciplines of graphic design (including typography, layout, research and colour theory) but motion graphics is more complex than graphic design because there is time as well as space to consider. What looks right in one frame could look wrong in the next. A motion designer needs to factor in how their design changes over time. 

Our films often feature animation and motion graphics, check out some examples below or in our Worksection.

Contact us to discuss how we can use motion graphics to get results for your business.

2D Explainer video with Motion Graphics

2D Animation with Motion Graphics

Animated clip with 2D/3D Motion Graphics

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