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New age of steam in space

We’ve just finished producing a 3D animation for SteamJet Space Systems. They will be using it in an upcoming investor pitch to raise credibility.

We are excited to share this with you soon, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

sm-client-page-logo-steamjet Latest News Page 3 - Soundmotive

Woolly briefs

How do you get creative projects off to a good start?

Over the years I have noticed that the most effective projects tend to begin with one thing - a solid brief.

Woolly brief

Standing out with video

During webinars and virtual conferences

Returning client, Lacuna Space approached us to update the animation we produced for them in 2020. The plan was to use it again at The Things Conference 2021 during their presentation slots and on their virtual booth.

Lacuna Space virtual conference

Motion graphics for Beacon Healthcare

It was great to be able to support Beacon Continuing Healthcare with motion graphics for their forthcoming video testimonials.
Beacon is a social enterprise doing important work helping families secure NHS Continuing Healthcare for their loved ones.
Animated logo for Beacon Healthcare

Protolaunch promotional video

Raising awareness of space startup Protolaunch

Protolaunch promo video
Rocket propulsion from Protolaunch

Protolaunch is a space business developing novel chemical propulsion technology to enable dedicated launch for small payloads. 

Recently they conducted a hot-fire test campaign and asked us to produce a promotional video as part of a media push to increase brand awareness and raise company credibility.

Lock-down filming

What England's lockdown means for filming

lockdown-filming Latest News Page 3 - Soundmotive

As a new lockdown came into force this week you might be wondering what that means for meeting prospects and filming your products or business.

lockdown filming

Highlights from GOV.UK

  • Any closed premises can open for the purposes of making a film, audio programme or audio-visual advertisement

Protolaunch video shoot

It was a misty start for our video shoot at Westcott Venture Park this week.

It was great to be able to film Protolaunch, a dynamic space startup. New video coming soon!

Protolaunch shoot

Fired up

Promo video for Protolaunch

We started pre-production this week with hot start-up Protolaunch. They're developing propulsion systems designed specifically for micro launchers that are powerful, reliable, and cost-efficient.

We're fired up about shooting their promo video next week.

Watch this space!

Next generation chemical propulsion systems

We're exhibiting at Harwell Connect

Wednesday 9th December 2020

We are excited to be joining the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus with our exhibitor stand during the Connect Harwell Virtual Marketplace event on Wednesday, 9 December.

Harwell Connect marketplace virtual event

Delivering solutions for a sustainable future

Promoting Lucy Electric's message through animation

Global engineering company, Lucy Electric approached us to produce an animated explainer video that sets out their role in the decarbonisation, decentralisation,  digitisation and democratisation of energy systems.

3D Animation depicting Lucy

Why do I need a script for my video or film?

We explain the benefits

The video process begins with wordsSo you have woken up to the power of video communications and decided you need a corporate video or animation for your business. Great! The first thing to do is find someone with a camera or animation skills right? Well, no actually. The first thing is to gain consensus around what the purpose of the video is (by writing a brief), and the second is to write a script. Sometimes inexperienced people bypass these first vital steps. Why is this a mistake? 


5 steps to creating a character design for video

Some of the most memorable brand campaigns have a mascot or character. Take The Jolly Green Giant from B&G Foods, Colonel Sanders the real-life founder of KFC or perhaps the Meerkats from Compare the Market insurance. These characters help us relate to the company and enjoy and remember their adverts and content.

Jane character representing an end user developed for tech software firm

'Jane' a character representing an end-user of Zegami software