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Innovation animation

Animated graphics for the Stem Advisers Hub

Stem Advisers Hub animated logo
Stem Advisers Hub animated logo

The Stem Advisers Hub is a network of trusted advisers who help commercialise innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing businesses. 

The hub supports STEM companies to grow through six stages of business growth:

1. Start up
2. Early stage
3. Expand
4. Scale up
5. Enterprise
6. Exit

Coronavirus Statement

Business as usual?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) impacts everyone around the world and our thoughts are with those who have been adversley affected. We hope you are safe and taking care while keeping calm and staying positive. The purpose of this statement is to reassure customers and prospects that we remain open for business while being responsible towards the safety of our clients and crew in our working practices.

Biohazard symbol

Mind the gap

Animated Explainer for Lacuna Space at The Things Conference

Lacuna Space with their Sound-Motive content
The Lacuna team backed by Sound-Motive content (Images: Lacuna Space)

Today Lacuna Space were exhibiting and speaking at the Things Conference 2020. 

STEM company looking for animation?

Check out our showreel featuring 2D & 3D animation

Are you an engineer or consultant who needs to raise finance, secure customers or attract talent?

Check out our animation showreel which demonstrates our proven track record in raising the profile of SMEs. 

If you would like us to explain your technology with animated video production get in touch.

Making a mark for Opsydia

Filming laser security marking product for tech company Opsydia

Production has started with filming a laser security marking product for award-wining Oxfordshire technology company Opsydia.
Sound-Motive filming for Opsydia

If you would like to make a mark with live-action video production this year, get in touch.

Should you hire a professional video production company?

Outsource Your Online Video
Wondering whether or not to out-source your video communications requirements? 

There are lots of people who enjoy dabbling in video and there are now many 'cheap and cheerful' tools out there that make it easier than ever to do it yourself. Almost anyone with a camera phone can now start making basic films. 

In a way, this 'video democracy' is all good. User-Generated Content (UGC) by its very nature doesn't have to be slick and professional.  Much of its appeal lies in its viral spontaneity and this can be great for recording live event phenomena or adding a down to earth touch. But is this method appropriate when you need to communicate a concise business message for your brand?  

Media space for Sequestim

Our second video for Sequestim is a PR booster

Mirror Sequestim video

Great exposure for our client Sequestim who got national coverage in the British press this week. Their security scanner which uses space technology to detect stowaways in moving vehicles, was featured online in The Mirror, The Sun, The Telegraph and Daily Mail.

Narrating in your authentic voice

Why parrot-fashion narration is not something to chirp about

authentic-voice News - Soundmotive

Recently we saw a promo for an automated voice-over tool that claimed to offer “lifelike voices” to use in video voiceovers.We hire professional narrators so I was curious to see how much the tech had moved on from “Siri” etc.

Explainer videos, explained

Explainer video presentation

soundmotive explainer video talk

We were honoured to be invited to deliver a guest talk about using explainer videos at the Oxford Centre for Innovation 

Pitching to win investment

Pitching and Marketing with video

016bfbed225b4df598fe06ef2c5ebe56original News - Soundmotive

We were delighted to have Mike Lawton from Oxford Space Systems deliver a guest talk about using film and animation to raise investment for technology businesses.

Space to think

Understanding the power of video with a bespoke workshop

IMG_8582 News - Soundmotive

Today we had great participation in a bespoke workshop with a new client.