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Food Waste Animated Explainer

Food Waste Animated Explainer

Oxford Food Hub asked Sound Motive to produce a short animation to explain how much energy goes into food production so people reduce their food waste across Oxfordshire.

The video is to be used primarily to engage children during school visits. The hope is that educating them in an entertaining way will change their behaviour and encourage friends and family to do the same.


Developing Oxford Food Hub's idea of displaying the journey food takes from seed to being saved from landfill, we scripted a story based on the life of a tomato going from 'seed to plate'.

The tomato was 'picked' because it is a naturally healthy foodstuff that is common to many cultures - and it is red and green - like the branding. Oxford Food Hub liked the idea of this 'red thread' weaving its way through the story but it was also important to them to recognise the industrial energy consumed in food manufacturing as well as the agricultural processes.

We took their suggestion of showing industrial food processing and developed this into the tomatoes going to a factory before being sold whole or in cans.

The Voice Over was delivered by one of the trustees - who had narration experience - and this added a level of authenticity and gravitas to the tone of the video.


The video is live on Oxford Food Hub's website and will be used during talks as well as for the next Food Waste Awareness Day.

Speaking about the animation the Outreach Coordinator said:

”We absolutely love it! It’s been a pleasure working with you"

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