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Creating an original character, cartoon or mascot can bring multiple benefits to your business. Not only can it enhance your video or animation but can be used across other marketing channels like social media and at events.

Benefits of developing a character for your business

Basing a video narrative on a central character can be a great way to attract your target audience. It helps them remember you by:

  • Arousing curiosity so they click on your content 
  • Relating to the hero character 
  • Empathising with your brand 
  • Retaining your business message
  • Engaging with distinctive imagery
  • Sharing your video content because it's fun
  • Humanising and simplifying complex concepts

We offer a character design and development service which involves creating a character concept, style, and artwork. When we develop characters we consider everything from their costume, and physique, to their intellect, culture, environment and more.

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