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Clapperboard used in video production - Oxford Video Production

What is video production?

Video production is the process of filming and editing to create moving images, usually with sound. There are many different methods (e.g 'shooting' on celluloid film cameras vs smartphones) and applications (ranging from abstract art installations to narrative feature movies). With all the options available today it's easy to get distracted by 'how' you produce video and even 'what' you are recording (events, talking heads, promos etc.).

Why do you need video production?

It can help to start by considering 'why' you want or need to record/edit video. In other words, what do you ultimately want to achieve? For example, if you want to generate qualified leads for your consultancy business then showcasing your consultants in their area of expertise may be best executed with filmed interviews. Alternatively, if you want to explain the benefits of your software an animated video may be more appropriate.

Different types of video

Of course, you may not be aware of all the different types of video - let alone all the various production techniques. This is where using the services of seasoned professionals can save you a lot of 'trial and error' time. You can see examples of different types of video on our work gallery.

Different kinds of video supplier

Be aware that just as 'all video is not created equal' so all video vendors are not all equally matched. There are wedding videographers, music video makers, reality TV producers and so on. Each specialist area requires a different skill set and there is a range of outfits from amateur hobbyists to high-end, veteran professionals. Read more on your advice for choosing a video producer.

Takeaway : Considering 'what' you expect to achieve, 'why' and 'when' by, will help you identify 'who' you need to use, what resources you will need and 'how' to execute it.

Sound-Motive are a video production company based in Oxford who produce marketing videos for businesses in Oxfordshire and beyond. We have many years of experience in producing corporate and industrial videos.

Contact us to see how we can help achieve your business goals with video marketing.

Some examples of our video productions below...

Live-action filming with graphics

Live-action video with 3D animation 

2D animated explainer video

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