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We offer video production services for companies in Oxford and beyond and have experience filming interviews, product demos, events, moving vehicles and more!

When it comes to filming or 'shooting' for video production,  different cameras have their strengths and weaknesses and some are better suited to certain situations than others.

What are the various factors to consider when choosing which camera to use?

The cost of equipment and visual style are obvious examples, but the filming environment, participants, genre, schedule and post-production workflow should also be considered.

For example, HDSLRs can achieve a more 'cinematic' look but take longer to set-up. Camcorders are more suited to 'run and gun' documentary work where the operator has to cover an event quickly, but the footage tends to be less stylish.

Professional camcorders are also designed to record better sound more easily. This is a common area which novices tend to overlook. There's an old adage that 'sound is half the picture' and it's worth remembering. Not convinced? Try watching TV news with the sound turned down!

Because we have worked with many different cameras over the years Sound Motive understand these issues and take a client-focused approach. Rather than sticking rigidly to one format we always employ the most appropriate and cost-effective camera for your production.

Take advantage of our experience and Get in touch and let us guide you through your next filming project. 

Filming for space and technology companies

Some examples of our filming in the videos below...

Promo film shot inside on HDSLR

Live-action and interviews filmed inside and outside

Interview shot outside on HDSLR

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