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Giving you creative direction

We offer video consultancy services that help you achieve your business goals right the first time.

Producing video is one of those things that is 'easy to learn - hard to master'. Research suggests it takes at least 10,000 hours to master something. With video, however, the clock is still ticking. It's a 'moving target' because technology is always changing.

Invented in the 50's 'video' was analogue signals carried on magnetic tape recorders that were afforded only by TV broadcasters. It's now a digital medium accessible by anyone with a smartphone. While generating footage has become democratised the technology to acquire, manipulate and deploy content is changing faster than ever before.

Learning the craft skills 

Even if you have access to the equipment, the time to learn it and can keep track of all the technology there's still learning the 'craft' skills which include:

  • Established methods of film-making
  • Conventions of storytelling
  • Design theory
  • Journalism/PR best practice
  • Advertising/marketing strategy,
  • and Regulations.  

Clearly, there is more to video than meets the eye - or ear.

Consultancy Services

If you're still here it's probably because you already have a full-time job and you'd prefer not to take on another one. So if you think you might need more than you can do yourself or your mate Vince 'the videographer' can deliver, contact us.

Our consultancy includes:

  • Creative concepts and artistic direction 
  • Integration with video into a campaign strategy  
  • Digital video marketing consultancy. 
  • Technical advice on effective video workflow and distribution.

Brilliant in helping me to understand the  power of video - not only how to use it, but how to use it in the best way for my business. Before we even started, Andy got the ethos of our company and reinforced our efforts to keep things simple, reaping the benefits of less is more.

Founder - Tech Sector Company

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