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Change Of Heart

Films For BusinessWe focus on marketing films for businesses but when offered the chance to work with an Oxfordshire-based charity we couldn't resist. ​

​Our friends from​ The Nasio Trust were keynote speakers at a charity event called "Inspirational Change".

Video In LondonThis was hosted at Kings College London to inspire potential social entrepreneurs. The purpose of recording the evening was to make the content available for people who couldn't attend and reach a wider audience too.

Video For Charity Organisations​Once we had filmed the event we edited the footage into individuals speeches and provided the client with files to upload to their YouTube channel. On seeing the result they came back to us to produce a short trailer to promote the series. The videos were to be released as sponsored episodes.

'Talking heads' can have a reputation for being dull so to make the spot more dynamic we cut short highlights from the talks and enhanced the visual by designing bold bespoke graphics ​based on the organisers logo - a magnifying glass with a heart.

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