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Under Wraps

OSS InflatableThis week we were back at Oxford Space Systems filming for their next generation of exciting deployable space structures. We can't say much about their technology at this stage as it is in development but the shoot itself was very interesting.

Filming laser measuring deviceMost of the time we were working inside a massive custom built inflatable test chamber. We captured footage of the OSS structure being manually scanned by a handheld laser measuring device. A tripod mounted turret tracked the scanner while beaming data to a laptop where it was simultaneously converted to a 3D CAD model for analysis. We also shot timelapse sequences of the structure in operation and live-action "B-roll" shots of the team interacting with the system to demonstrate the process visually. We needed to record the operators with limited direction, there was significant ambient noise and low light so it was a fairly challenging shoot. Nevertheless we acquired all the footage we needed and more. We are looking forward to post-production and the big reveal!

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