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Understanding the power of video with a bespoke workshop

IMG_8582 Bespoke Workshop - Soundmotive

Today we had great participation in a bespoke workshop with a new client. 

IMG_8615 Bespoke Workshop - Soundmotive
Catena Space are a space sector technology and consultancy firm. As consultants, they know the importance of being clear and united about goals before embarking on any project, so we started our journey together with a strategy session. This involved discussions and practical exercises. Afterwards one of the directors wrote. "Andy's workshop was brilliant in helping me to understand the power of video - not only how to use it, but how to use it in the best way for my business. Before we even started, he got the ethos of our company and reinforced our efforts to keep things simple, reaping the benefits of less is more". Tanya Boardman - Catena Space.
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